The EnviroNapkin is a microfiber product that is designed to combat the amount of waste and expense generated by non-reusable paper napkins. In an effort to contribute, or put our fingerprint, on the global “green” effort, we did a tremendous amount of research.  What we found was rather shocking: Recent studies show that each diner user over 2.5 paper napkins per meal. Estimated usage is over 160 billion paper napkins in the U.S. annually. This is equivalent to the destruction 34 million trees annually and 4 billion lbs. of paper waste in our landfills. Waste paper comprises over 68% of community landfill space. So the question we asked ourselves was, “how can we assist our partners and communities in reducing this tremendous burden on our environment?”  When you consider that studies have found that 78% of diners prefer cloth napkins over paper and 79% of all consumers are more likely to dine at a restaurant that is environmentally friendly than those that are not, it made our decision easy: find an environmentally friendly and economically sound alternative to the traditional paper napkin. The answer we found was the EnviroNapkin.  The EnviroNapkin is a microfiber product that is absorbent and plush. It can be laundered over 75 times and requires less energy and water to wash while it does not require ironing either.  So instead of using a traditional paper napkin which destroys trees and clogs our landfills, contemplate the environmentally and economically sound alternative, The EnviroNapkin.