We developed The New Standard line of towels to set a new standard on how we think about energy use and guest/patient health. These towels were designed to save energy costs, reduce reorder volume, increase patient/guest satisfaction, and prevent the spread of infection. The New Standard towels are made of 100% microfiber.  This superior fabric increases the lifespan of the towel (75 turns (3 to 1 over cotton terry)), resists fades, remains plush and soft with frequent washing, and is non-linting.  Compared to cotton towels, The New Standard towels reduce utility costs more than 30%.  Their antibacterial* properties also provide a safer and healthier environment for employees and guests.  For questions about pricing or for more information, please contact us by clicking on the link below or by emailing info@enviro-linen.com.


New Standard Bath

New Standard Hand Towel

The New Standard Glove

Hospital Acquired Infections(HAIs) are a real threat, and conscious health care systems are defending their patients from harm. Our gloves interfere with bacterial metabolisms, preventing reproduction and spreading. It’s an easy choice as a superior protective element that outperforms the market and uses a well-accepted antimicrobial agent among healthcare providers.

A simple concept processed with elite technologies, silver’s ability to meet the high handling, durability and effectiveness requirements of the medical industry offers the perfect solution to antimicrobial protection.