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Enviro-Linen was established in 2015 by Bert Rubinsky and Kenny Perry in Ridgeland, Mississippi. They decided to start Enviro-Linen because they saw a need for a company that produces energy conscious products. Bert, CEO and a second generation textile rental entrepreneur, has been in the industrial laundry industry for over 3 decades. Kenny Perry, the Chief Operating Officer, has over 2 decades of experience in the textile industry ranging from Linen Rental Operation to Director of Operations.

Our team continues to innovate and bring forward thinking ideology to new markets such as healthcare and consumer goods. Medical Grade Innovations, our medical technology arm, has provided numerous hospitals and private practice offices with our Well-focused Systems and Medical Grade Scrubs. Driven by our Infectious Control Consultant Dr Murray Cohen, MGI provides highly advanced technology that protects healthcare environments from bacteria and disease from spreading among employees and patients.

Saving water, saving energy, increasing sustainability, and ensuring healthier environments are the essential attributes of our products and the driving-force behind our company’s core values and business motives. We believe that millions of small steps can lead to one giant leap, and we are here to guide the way.